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How to Bottle Beer

To begin the bottling process, a couple of cases of clean and sanitized bottles, sugar, a bottling wand and a capper with caps will be needed. For a five gallon batch of beer, 54 bottles will be needed. The 12 ounce longneck bottles are readily available at most store or many times the local bar […]

Home Brew Temperature Control

Aside from proper yeast management, temperature control plays the largest role in producing good quality beer. Even warm fermenting varieties such as ales require cooling lower than room temperature. Fermenting warn causes the yeast to produce more esters and fusel alcohols. The risk of spoilage also increases with heat. The temperature should be monitored during […]

Beer Fermentation Problems

Poor fermentation and yeast health can cause many off flavors in beer. Preparing a starter can help avoid fermentation problems. If the yeast doesn’t grow, it provides early warning that can save ruining a batch of beer with old yeast. Even with a starter, things can go wrong. Inadequate aeration can result in insufficient nutrient […]

Exciting Beer Recipes

For those who take pleasure in drinking beer, home brewing can produce a great sense of satisfaction. It can be very rewarding to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. The numerous recipes available allow the home brewer to create any style of beer they choose, including those not commercially available. Experimenting with different ingredients can […]

Choosing Ingredients for Brewing Beer

Water comprises 95 percent of beer so the quality profoundly affects the taste. Tap water contains chemicals and other constituents that make it unsuitable for brewing. Removing chlorine is simple. Since it is in a gaseous state, it will readily outgas if let set over night or if it is boiled. Some water treatments facilities […]

Cleaning and Sanitizing the Keg

There are few things that can ruin a batch of beer faster than poor cleaning and sanitation habits. Cleaning home brew equipment is important to remove debris and other materials that can feed mold and bacteria. Equipment should not be allowed to sit after use. It needs to be cleaned right away. Residual materials left […]

Choosing Beer Brewing Equipment

There’s a lot of brewing equipment available but most of it isn’t needed. There are plenty of home brewers making batches of beer with a few pots and a bucket from their kitchen stove. When choosing the equipment for brewing, it’s best to consider how the beer will be brewed. While there is no harm […]

Getting Started with Brewing Beer

Brewing beer can be a fun and creative hobby. It offers a chance to explore and develop a number of skills. Whether one gets excited about revisiting an updated version of chemistry class or enjoys tinkering with gadgets to construct their own personal brewery, it can be very satisfying. It can also provide a sense […]