Choosing Beer Brewing Equipment

There’s a lot of brewing equipment available but most of it isn’t needed. There are plenty of home brewers making batches of beer with a few pots and a bucket from their kitchen stove. When choosing the equipment for brewing, it’s best to consider how the beer will be brewed. While there is no harm in bargain hunting, cheap equipment has a tendency to break or malfunction, causing a great deal of frustration. Purchasing quality items will make the brewing process more enjoyable. As the brewery becomes more advanced, small items such as clamps and gaskets can become vital. Keeping a few extra on hand can provide backup for the unexpected.

Measuring gear can provide the knowledge of what’s happening with the beer. Scales sometimes used to measure hops. Thermometers are important to knowing the temperature of the beer. A hydrometer may be useful in measuring the sugar content. Pots and kettles are available in many types and materials. Stainless steel is the most resilient. Most stove burners do not provide sufficient heat for boiling large containers of water needed to make large batches of beer. Propane burners are available in different sizes. Wort chillers can also be found in several types including immersion chillers, counterflow chillers and plate chillers. A variety of buckets, carboys and bottles can be found for fermentation. Bottles and a capper will be needed to store the beer.

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