Exciting Beer Recipes

For those who take pleasure in drinking beer, home brewing can produce a great sense of satisfaction. It can be very rewarding to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor. The numerous recipes available allow the home brewer to create any style of beer they choose, including those not commercially available. Experimenting with different ingredients can help the home brewer gain confidence and discover how to arrive at various flavors by changing the chemistry. Some recipes are simple while others are more challenging, but they allow the home brewer to become more skilled. As the brewer becomes more familiar with the outcomes produced from ingredients, they will begin to produce more consistently good results.

Whether the brewer prefers beers from hops or a richer, more full-bodied beer, there are recipes that will suit their tastes. Lagers are the most popular style of beers and are defined by type of yeast used. Light lagers have a low alcohol and calorie content. They usually have a low malt flavor and contain maize or rice. Pilsner is hoppier and has more complex malt flavors. Amber lager has toasted malt flavors while Bock and dark lager have a stronger, sweeter flavor. Ales are simple recipes for home brewers since they are easy to produce. Recipes are available to produce many different varieties of ales including pale, sour, bitter, brown, porter and stout.

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