Getting Started with Brewing Beer

Brewing beer can be a fun and creative hobby. It offers a chance to explore and develop a number of skills. Whether one gets excited about revisiting an updated version of chemistry class or enjoys tinkering with gadgets to construct their own personal brewery, it can be very satisfying. It can also provide a sense of accomplishment to open a bottle of beer to share with friends that one has brewed personally. There is such a wide variety of equipment and quality ingredients available for home brewers that it provides innumerable opportunities to experiment with different techniques and flavors. Depending on the brewer’s preference of beers, home brewing can also be more cost effective than purchasing it retail.

Brewing beer is really a simple process. All that is needed to get started is a bucket, a bubbler, a siphoning hose, clean bottles and a capper. There are optional supplies available or beginners may wish to purchase a kit. Numerous recipes can be found for many types of beers but the brewing process is usually standard. It typically involves bringing water to a boil, adding the grains and allowing it to steep. The brew is then brought to a boil and the malt extract and hops are added. After cooling, yeast is added, and the brew is allowed to ferment for approximately two weeks. Priming sugar is added prior to bottling.

Beers of the World Source: Love Infographics

Beers of the World
Source: Love Infographics

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