How to Bottle Beer

To begin the bottling process, a couple of cases of clean and sanitized bottles, sugar, a bottling wand and a capper with caps will be needed. For a five gallon batch of beer, 54 bottles will be needed. The 12 ounce longneck bottles are readily available at most store or many times the local bar has empties. The disadvantage of using longneck bottles is that more bottles will be filled. Bottles are also available in 16 and 22 ounces.

Priming the beer for bubbles can be done with sugar, dry malt extract, honey, wort or carbonation tablets. The primer is mixed with water and boiled to produce syrup. Once the priming syrup is added, the beer is delivered into the bottles with the bottling wand. Caps are crimped to assure a good seal. It can take two weeks or more the bottles to carbonate. Bottles should be stored upright in a cool place.

There are a number of ways to bottle beer. All methods of filling bottles with carbonated beer work best when the beer and bottles are cold. It reduces the amount of fizz and less carbonation is lost. Once filled, the bottle should be quickly capped. It’s always best to bottle a few extra for testing.

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