Would You Drink Marijuana Beer? Three Reasons Why We’d Consider It

Marijuana is one of the hottest topics right now. More and more areas are reconsidering whether or not we should be outright banning the green stuff. Well, there’s now a new way to get your marijuana fix. Thrillest recently reported on a marijuana-infused beer recipe that is popular in Colorado, which is the first US state to make recreational marijuana use completely legal. These guys gave a spin on the classic Wheat Beer and put it into a new perspective. Per the report, this beer is actually quite delicious, and supposedly gives you the same high that you’d get from eating a “pot brownie”.

Now, this beer is currently only being made by home brewers, as brewing beer that contains any drugs is illegal even in the grass-friendly state of Colorado. However, were marijuana to become more widely legal and socially acceptable, it’s interesting to wonder as to whether or not we could start one day seeing these “herbal blends” available at our favorite pubs.

A little snooping around on the net showed that the concept isn’t completely new. Ed Rosenthal, a marijuana cultivation enthousiast, has published a good number of paperbacks, of which one is titled Marijuana Beer: How to Make Your Own Hi-Brew Beer. For those having a hard time getting the right buds, the guys at Suzy Seeds have a great selection of marijuana seeds and will ship their wares to any location where the trafficking of cannabis is legal. A nice challenge for those who are looking to take homebrewing to a new level.

Here are three reasons why marijuana-infused beer could actually be quite a bit fun:

  1. A Change of Pace
    We all know that we can get a little drunk in our favorite pub, but getting a little high? That would certainly be an interesting change of pace.
  2. Eliminate The Dodgy Transactions
    If you want to get a bit of hemp on a night out at the pubs, you might find yourself in some dark back alley to make the transaction. If it was available right on tap, you could eliminate these dodgy dealings altogether.
  3. One Heck Of A Night
    Since this beer gets you a little bit high and a little bit stoned, this marijuana-infused drink would certainly make for one heck of an interesting night. This is definitely the evening that you’re going to want to find a designated driver!

We might be a bit of a ways off from actually having marijuana-infused beer sold in pubs. Do you think that this beer sounds intriguing and fun or do you think it’s a recipe for disaster? Let us know!

Cartoon by Nedroid

Recipe for disaster? – Cartoon by Nedroid

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